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Hi, I strengthen creative and
strategic communication 
for you who run a start up or small business 

Andrea Wester
Project manager I Creative communication strategist I Stockholm


support small business owners

Are you a small business owner and looking for a chance to develop your communications department without paying an entire agency?


That is where my services step in. With my degree in Strategic communication at Bergs School Of Communication and a background in project management, I plan and lead your business's strategic and creative process. 


The greatest value is the goals for your communication. After defining them, we develop assets that facilitate your business to get publicity and grow.

Andrea Wester creative strategist design website
with solutions
that matter

small business crave creative solutions

to get publicity and grow

Good work so far! But sometimes it’s just too much. I help you sort out what kind of communication your business needs to hold and develop in the long run. 

Reaching out with a message is not just about having a good idea. It's about putting the idea in the right context at the right time.

These two play a major role and are absolutely crucial for accurate communication. We get to know your audience, know that they know and feel what they feel, then we find the right content for your communication!

I was born in a small village up in northern Sweden.


My dad ran the local grocery store and I saw his hard work to make himself understood and seen by his customers and clients.


Later I spent a year in Thailand to make it easier for children, fleeing war in Myanmar, to enter the labor market in their new country. The insight of injustices made me want to start talking about communication.


Just then, I really understood that everything communicates.


Language OUR BODIES colors


memories EXPRESSIONS absence


To reach out with a message at the right time, you need to do your research and believe that what you want to deliver is important. At the same time, be aware of other people's ability to receive and understand a message.

See what no one sees but still meet the needs that exist.

Andrea Wester project manager creative strategist communication
my story; 

Do you want to get to know me more, please connect for a coffee or check out my Linkedin profile

bringing value throughout the process

it starts with your business

just make sure you have a plan :)

  • using research

  • market analysis

  • value proposition and problem portfolio


  • and get to know your market

  • current needs regarding your 


  • a strategy

  • brand positioning 

  • message hierarchy


  • activities

  • which channels you should communicate

  • a budget to strengthen your business communication

  • assets to your communication toolbox;

  • Content and design for your brand

  • website

  • social media

  • video and photo production 

  • advertising on a smaller scale

  • content

  • creative ideas

  • a look & feel

  • a tone of voice

  • work you can use in all channels for short term and long depending on strategy

  • PR  for launching or planning activities

  • contact with media and press


  • optimization of communication

  • analyzing existing content or actions

Andrea Wester creative strategist design website
PNG-bild 15.png
how it is collaborating with a consultant, like for real
Andrea Wester creative strategist design website

My main customer is both business to consumer and Business to Business, and my main task will be to highlight all the good work you are already doing. Add a communicator's perspective by focusing on bringing value to your customer.

 We use both questions, experience, and research to find the most cohesive idea.

You will experience a close collaboration where your goals, visions, and activities come first.

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next step

Contact me for a first consultation, and the first one is on me.


Think about what your business needs. If you still have no idea, no worries, connect and let me guide you through the process.


We do not charge per hour; you pay for what you get from us.


Fill in the formula with contact info and in the next step what your business or organization needs help with:

the next step

let's talk

Andrea Wester creative strategist design website
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